Shock N Awe: What Is It Good For?

MMA as we all know is booming. All around the world organisations are taking off and in the UK in particular almost every county has a show or two (or more) to satisfy the populations craving for the sport. Just a couple of years ago there wasn't a great deal said about South Coast MMA in the UK. But with the right people taking care to build a pure MMA foundation, and diligence when it comes to consistent matchmaking, Brian Adams and Gareth Johnson have built quite the monster in the shape of MMA promotion Shock N Awe.

Refusing to cut corners and taking a dedicated approach to 'no nonsense MMA' has been a huge factor in their growth, but people always come back to the prominent components; matchmaking and presentation. Two vital ingredients that work hand-in-hand yet often are both overlooked by many promotions in favour of big and spectacular early finishes, and fighters with notoriety over skill. We have all seen this, and although it makes for entertainment, we all die a little on the inside when we see these matches made.

The sad thing about having mismatched shows is that it's a throwback to the old days of the fight game. Mixed Martial Arts, although not a fully mainstream sport is still rapidly evolving, and constantly looking to move forward. It`s those outdated methods of playing up to the blood lust of the crowd that slows the whole process down.

The days of fighters getting unfair opportunities through mismatched fights are so 2011 or 2012, people see through this now. It was always going to happen and that corner has now been turned. The UK MMA industry is moving forward and anyone not following by these simple rules will and are falling by the wayside. This brings us back to Shock N Awe. What differences are Shock N Awe making to the industry many of you may ask? Isn't it just another domestic promotion, albeit with a good reputation? So they offer the fans a great night of well-matched fights, but surely that isn't always beneficial for the fighters?

I beg to differ.....................

In less than two years, eight Shock N Awe belt holders have moved up the ranks and attained solid positions on the largest shows in the UK.

u155lbs Jack Magee on BAMMA
u170lbs Stuart Rickman on BAMMA
u185lbs Jack Marshman BAMMA
u135lbs James Pennington on Cage Warriors
u135lbs Davey Grant on Cage Warriors
u170lbs Jack Mason on Cage Warriors
u170lbs Alexei Roberts Cage Warriors
u145lbs Nathan Beer on Cage Warriors

A pretty impressive number in its own right, but let's look a little deeper. How about fighters that have seasoned themselves on the Shock N Awe cards. Taking the tough fights offered to them as explained, can be a huge gamble. So many people would expect little success for these guys. But it seems this is not the case, as at least 17 fighters in the last two years that have appeared on Shock N Awe as well as the title holders, have visited the big time. Let's have a look at this list.

Bradley Scott has had massive exposure as a TUF Finalist.
Karsten Lenjoint has also made it onto the Ultimate Fighter.
Martin McDonough
Kris Edwards
Mark Platts
Karl Harrison
Luke Killick
Niko Gjoka
Mok Rahman
Mike Ling
James Brum
Craig White
Pat Vickers
These guys have all fought on Cage Warriors, Europe's premier fight promotion.

David 'One More' Round has fought on Superior Challenge and BAMMA, and both Lee Taylor and Danny Compton who fight out of Exile gym have had match-ups on BAMMA. Sam Boo from the House of Pain also headlined BAMMA against fighter celeb Alex Reid in the first MMA fight to ever be televised live on UK terrestrial TV.

With this as evidence it is quite obvious that while Shock N Awe has been growing, it has also hugely helped develop a great deal of talent from around the country. All of these fighters that have made the brave choice to take on worthy opponents have been rewarded with large scale opportunities. And it seems that this isn't just a fad, with Brian Adams consistently sourcing new talent from up and down the country, and often whether winning or losing, their reputations have grown in tandem.

Every show produces new names and disciplined young fighters from fine gyms, and that must surely be the measure of the right way to build an MMA promotion.
So with all of this in mind, and the opportunity to see present and future stars of the UK and worldwide MMA scene, get yourself down to the Mountbatten Centre in Portsmouth on March 9th to find out exactly what we are talking about.

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Published by Boogeyman - Fri, 1 Feb 2013 19:31

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