Fighter Analysis: Liam James

This weekend's Fighter Analysis see's Cage Warriors bantamweight Liam James sit down and answer the all important questions....


Name: Liam James
Nickname: Bad Intentions
Age: 28
Marital Status: Single
Gym: Spartan Fight Academy, Howdon Boxing Academy, Fight Pit
MMA Record: 6-4
Twitter Account: @badintentions84

What is your:

Career High? Beating Jean N'Doye at CWFC Figt Night 5.
Career Low? My first loss to Costas Doru at BAMMA 5. My mum died the week before fight.
Career Ambition? UFC baby!!!!
Favourite Ever Fight? Either Hendo vs. Shogun or the recent Lauzon vs. Miller fight; very inspiring.
Favourite way to end a fight? Repeated elbows to the eye socket.
Favourite ever MMA event? Cage Warriors 2012 NYE in Dublin.
Favourite MMA Promotion? PRIDE FC.
Favourite Movie? Taken.
Favourite Artist/Band? Eminem.
Favourite Food? Meatball Calzone.
Favourite Alcoholic Beverage? Southern Comfort & Lemonade.
Favourite Sport (Apart from MMA)? Powerlifting.


Is your favourite fighter of all time? B.J. Penn
Would you most like to fight (any weight and era)? Josh Koscheck. I hate that dude.
Would you least like to meet in a dark alley? I fear no man.
Would you want alongside you in a bar fight? Any of my training partners.
Is your favourite MMA Ring Girl? Brittany Palmer.
Pick three of your team mates and describe them using only one word?

1. Andrew Fisher - Competitive
2. Colin Fletcher - Evil
3. Dean Purcell - Heavy

Do you have any superstitions? I can't have the TV volume on an odd number if that counts as anything (laughs).
First thing you eat after weighing in? Blueberries.
What is the stupidest thing you have ever done? Wow how long have you got?
What is the worst injury you've ever suffered? I've been quite lucky with injuries, the worst one was what forced me out of the Philpott fight, I pulled my IT band.

And Finally....What are you Addicted to? Green tea with lemon juice.

Photo's © of Dolly Clew Cage Warriors.

Thanks to Paul Dollery.

Published by Steve Wickett - Sat, 19 Jan 2013 14:05

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