UIC 9: Lee Caers - Looking to remain the Champ

With Ultimate Impact Cagefighting 9 now just over a month away, AddictedMMA are ploughing into the event and finding out how the build-up is going for the main players of the evening.

Today we find out how Lee Caers is preparing for his bout against Ashley Beaumont. Lee is the promotion's welterweight champion after defeating Ben Constantine at UIC 8 last August. February 23rd will see Lee attempt to defend the belt for the first time, having finished 2012 like a steam train he's looking to carry the momentum into 2013.

Four wins and four finishes between May and October last year saw Lee leap into the YOUR MMA rankings for the first time. A win against Ash will see him climb that ladder a little higher in his quest to reach the very top of the UK scene.

AddictedMMA: Hi Lee thanks for taking time out for us today. I trust you had a good Christmas and New Year?

Lee: Yeah it was very good thanks mate, back to the grind now though!

AddictedMMA: You had a superb 2012 winning five of your six fights, winning the UIC Welterweight title and making your Cage Warriors debut. How important is it to keep the momentum going into 2013 and carry on where you left off against Kev Reed?

Lee: It's very important to me; I wasn't happy with my fitness in that fight and will be working a lot on conditioning and cardio in the lead up to UIC 9.

AddictedMMA: The fight against Ashley (Beaumont) is fast approaching now. How have your preparations gone for the fight?

Lee: I'm back training now after a long Christmas break, but training is going well and I'm starting to feel fit.

AddictedMMA: Ash is getting quite the reputation for finishing opponents and finishing them quick. I trust this is something you've studied for and will come prepared for?

Lee: I haven't really studied him, obviously I know Ash likes his haymaker overhand, and I will be avoiding them, but if I get caught I'm not the sort of fighter to fold, I'll react.

AddictedMMA: Your fight against Ash on February 23rd will see you defending the belt for the first time. Does this make you more confident or does it add a little extra pressure to the bout for you?

Lee: No not at all, it's important that I keep winning.

AddictedMMA: UIC 9 is a superb card and you're on the card. How eager are you to put on a show for the fans in Cheltenham once more?

Lee: I love the Ultimate Impact show, I will be bringing a good crowd and I will be looking to be putting on a fight of the night once more!

AddictedMMA: I suppose it'll be nice to be fighting someone other than Ben Constantine on a UIC card won't it?

Looking back at the last fight you hit Ben with a huge knee before you submitted him. Were you surprised he wasn't out cold after that knee alone?!

Lee: I am glad we are both on card and not against each other and I'm looking forward to watching Ben throw someone else around the octagon instead of me. I think I'd be wasting my time and energy trying to knock Ben out, the knee just helped me apply the rear-naked choke.

AddictedMMA: You and Ash are the main event of the evening. Are you going to predict an outcome to the bout for me or see how it goes on the night?

Lee: I'll predict an outcome, second round tap-out.... Caers remains the champ!!!!

AddictedMMA: It's signature question time.... Aside from MMA what is Lee Caers Addicted to at the moment?

Lee: Colonic irrigation.

AddictedMMA: Is there anybody you'd like to thank or send a shout-out to?

Lee: Yes, all of the guys at Combat Athletics Academy for helping me get ready, you guys at AddictedMMA and everyone that buys a ticket.

AddictedMMA: Thanks for your time today Lee and all the best for February 23rd.

Lee: Cheers Steve.

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UIC 9 Fight Card: http://addictedmma.com/story-Cards_9392_Ultimate-Impact-Cagefighting-9-Vendetta.php

Photo One by Charli Edwards, Little Red Creative

Published by Steve Wickett - Sun, 20 Jan 2013 19:11

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