UIC 9: Sam Mensah "Sam and Harry are Gonna Throw Down!"

True story... Everytime I hear the film title "Here Comes the Boom" I think of one man and that's Sam Mensah. Obviously Sam has nothing to do with the film but each time I've watched this heavy handed monster his fights usually end with just that....Boom!!

On February 23rd, a month today he'll be trying to land one of those heavy hands upon Harry McLeman in a bout that will mark his middleweight debut. This is just one of the exciting bouts that makes Ultimate Impact Cagefighting 9 a "must see" event for MMA fans all over the UK.

Sam took time out of training yesterday to talk to me about the impending bout....

AddictedMMA: Hi Sam how's it going? Thanks for taking time out for me today. Whilst everyone was eating and drinking over Christmas I'm guessing you were watching what you were putting away with the impending drop into the 185lb division?

Sam: Hello Steve, i'm good thanks, hope you're well too! Yeah Christmas was a bit of a sore point not being able to eat my regular amounts, which is a lot (laughs) but it saved me having to drop even more weight come the New Year so it made a bit more sense

AddictedMMA: How has the cut gone? Are you well on target to have a fairly comfortable weight cut in the week before the fight on February 23rd?

Sam: The cut is going better than I expected. My target weight is spot on so far. My body shape is changing and this definitely feels like a more natural fight weight for me.

AddictedMMA: What inspired the drop to middleweight then? Is it something you've been thinking about for a while?

Sam: I've originally come down from heavyweight through to light heavy. As the caliber of the competition went up, I found myself fighting huge guys that had a big weight and height advantage over me. It seemed only logical to get to a weight class below so I could be on an even playing field and see how I progress in the middleweight ranks.

AddictedMMA: At UIC 9 you'll be up against Harry McLeman who is one tough son of a gun. He's got good stand-up and a tidy ground game; do you feel that he's the perfect test for you on your middleweight debut?

Sam: I've watched a few clips of McLeman and he does look tough. His ground game is very slick and he looks well versed on his feet. I think it will be a perfect test for my middleweight debut. Paul (Sutherland) doesn't make one sided fights, he knows MMA inside out and makes sure that the fights he puts on are gonna be great tests for everyone. It looks like Sam and Harry are gonna throw down!

AddictedMMA: UIC 9 is a superb card that Paul Sutherland has put together. You've fought on BAMMA three times in the past but the hype around this fight has to be up there with any card you've fought on doesn't it?

Sam: Yeah everyone is buzzing for this event. The hype is crazy, just having certain names on the card like Beaumont, Constantine, Saeed, Austin and of course "String" Fellows and the F-bomb!! Guaranteed fireworks, I can't wait!

AddictedMMA: The main event of the evening is a Welterweight Title Fight between Lee Caers and Ashley Beaumont. Can you stick your neck on the line and predict a winner between the men?

Sam: Don't do this to me!! (laughing). Beaumont hits like a train and has knockout power (but that's if he lands). However I'm edging towards Caers, purely because I've seen him in some real wars and the lad is TOUGH whereas I've only seen Beaumont briefly. So it's Caers for me!

AddictedMMA: It's signature question time.... Aside from MMA what is Sam Mensah Addicted to?

Sam: sesame snaps, they're a daily part of my diet and weird documentaries

AddictedMMA: Is there anybody you'd like to thank or send a shout-out to?

Sam: I'd like to send a shout out to all my team mates and coaches at Team Trojan for getting me ready for war yet again. Also my sponsors at Sci-MX, MMA Apparel, Body Armour, Impact LPA and also AddictedMMA for giving us the coverage on all these events. We couldn't be without you.

I also want to send a very special shout out and dedicate this fight to a dear friend of mine "Dennis 'The Hammer' Fearon" who tragically passed away earlier today...never forget you bro x

AddictedMMA: Thanks for your time today Sam and all the best for February 23rd.

Sam: No problem Steve, always a pleasure. Thank you.

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UIC 9 Fight Card: http://addictedmma.com/story-Cards_9392_Ultimate-Impact-Cagefighting-9-Vendetta.php

Photos 1 & 2 by Charli Edwards, Little Red Creative

Published by Steve Wickett - Wed, 23 Jan 2013 20:26

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