Martin Sheridan Talks Shock N Awe.

Words by Suzy Athey.

Shock n Awe kicks off on March 9th in Portsmouth with many top fights on the card. We caught up with Martin Sheridan who faces James Saville in the Bantamweight Title.

Martin 'The Silencer' Sheridan is 29 years old and was born in Dublin, Ireland. He has a pro record of 5-1-0 and fights out of Shudan MMA in Wellingborough. Looking back, Martin tells us that he originally got into MMA by being a fan. He used to watch old UFC fights and highlight reels on the internet and loved it so much he got some books and DVD's from eBay and started training at home. Realising he should train properly, he googled MMA in Wellingborough and Shudan was the top answer. The rest, as they say is history.

There are many fighters that Martin looks up to such as Randy Couture, Chuck Liddell, Matt Hughes, Dan Henderson, Fedor and Anderson Silva but he says he respects all fighters who take their training seriously as there are a lot of sacrifices that have to be made in order for them to follow their dreams.
Training for Martin consists of having Monday as a rest day followed by Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday where he trains at least two hours every night after work. Friday's, Saturday's and Sunday's see him training twice a day but if he is in training for a fight, he gets up early and does an hours training two or three times a week before going to work, upping his intensity as the fight gets closer by more training and more rounds.

Martin's friends and family are all super supportive of his choice to train and fight and he says he doesn't feel he could do it without the support of everyone close to him. With Safe MMA coming into play this year, Martin thinks it is a good idea in theory and hopes more shows follow BAMMA, UCMMA and Cage Warriors so that UKMMA becomes one big unit. The only think that sucks, Martins says is having to pay lots of money for it!

Of his first pro fight against Karl Mead in 2010, Martin tells us that it was the only time he has actually been nervous before a fight. With friends and family watching, fighting for the ISKA Title and facing an opponent who had a few pro fights already, he was nervous but he went on to win the fight by submission and was happy and relieved to have gotten his first pro win.

Martin's pro career flew into action with him taking four straight wins before losing to Saul Rogers; his only loss. Martin tells us that he definitely learned a lot from that fight and realised he was far too small to be fighting monsters like Saul at Featherweight. He continues to say that he woke up on weigh in day, had breakfast and was 147lbs which is much too small to be fighting the other fighters in that weight class.

We last saw Martin in action where he took on Paul Kingdon at UCMMA beating him at 1m19s of R2. Of this fight, he says, he felt really comfortable at the weight and was working his takedown defence a lot. He didn't get taken down once and he was extremely happy about that. He also dropped Paul a few times which he says is always nice! He also says he felt relaxed which he thinks is down to experience but tells us he still has a lot to work on but enjoyed fighting on UCMMA and hopes he is invited back soon.

As we said, Martin is due to fight on Shock on Awe for the first time and he is really excited and looking forward to it as it is a big show and they put on serious fights with a lot of great fighters. He appreciates the fact they want him to be one of them and fighting for the title is a big incentive, although he says he is more excited to be fighting James for it!

Of James, Martin says he doesn't know a lot about him personally but says he seems like a nice guy who will beat the crap out of you if you let him! He likes his fighting style and is super excited to be fighting him. He is, however confident going into this fight as he is any of his fights. James has lost his last two fights but Martin says he is fighting the best guys around so he would be pretty stupid to think that he might be on the decline just because he has lost some of them.

Martin has three sub wins to his name compared to James's six but Martin can't see it being a ground game totally. He thinks the fight will take place everywhere as overall they are both solid all-rounders. Martin has never called out anyone and says he never will, he just wants to fight and will leave that decision to the promoters.

When it comes to any advice Martin can give anyone who is interested in training or fighting in MMA, he says you should just do it. There are gyms all over the place so there is no need to think, just do! And he says that it will change your life 100% for the better and feels everyone should do MMA and would even like to see it introduced into schools. Martin tells us that his biggest learning curve was getting rag dolled by Saul Rogers at Fight UK and stresses the importance of training correctly. He says it may be due to his age but he doesn't feel he should be having hard sparring sessions five times a week which is what he used to do as too many injuries are happening throughout MMA and a lot of coaches should start looking at this problem and correcting it although he says maybe he is just getting too old too quick!

This fight is sure to be explosive so you should check out for more information. We would like to thank Martin for his time and he would like to thank the following people in his own words:

"I'd like to thank my girlfriend Rachael for everything she does that allows me to follow my dreams. My daughters, friends and family for their support. All my training partners and coaches, and killer bee fight wear and And you for taking the time to write such good questions."

Image 1 by Mark Corpe of Fighters in Focus.

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