Brad Pickett Visits The Kings College.

So it was the night before the UFC in London and the AddictedMMA, Little Red Creative and Indigo Fox team bundled into the back of a van with non-other than UK bantam weight legend Brad "One Punch" Pickett. A few hours before we had received a call from the UFC execs asking if we fancied documenting Mr Pickett as he mentored a young team of martial artists from the Kings College in London.

Like a flash we accepted the assignment and before we knew it we were hanging out with the ultra cool Brad Pickett as we headed across the city of London as the sun went down and the lights came on.

Waiting for Brad was a large group of hungry for knowledge students and Brad was not shy when it came to feeding them.

What came next was an inspirational education into the world of a top UFC fighter and a rolling session that the future of martial arts will never forget.

Take a little look at what went down.

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Image 1 by Little Red Creative.

Film and Editing by Indigo Fox

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