Lew Long "Redemption"

After putting in a career best performance against Mark Glover on Saturday night in Wales, AddictedMMA caught up with Wales' Lew Long. Chatting about the fight it's clear to see how much it meant to Lew, and how important redemption was after his previous bout in Cardiff.

Also Lew tells us how Cage Warriors is the perfect match for him, future opponents and potential fight locations!

AddictedMMA: Hi Lew firstly congratulations on a superb performance on Saturday night. How satisfying was it to put on a performance like that and get a lop-sided decision win?

Lew: It was a brilliant feeling to get back into the win column, Mark was as tough as they come and when they asked me to fight him I prepared myself for a real war. A part of me was scared but fear is a great ally, fear makes you hit harder and move faster. Redemption in Cardiff felt great.

AddictedMMA: Your last Cage Warriors appearance in Wales last October ended in disappointment. How much did the memories of that fight spur you on going into the bout against Mark Glover?

Lew: I didn't want to feel like that again, after that loss I doubted myself and my own abilities. I used the Redmond loss as motivation, played it over in my head while training. I thank Redmond for giving me the kick up the arse I needed.

AddictedMMA: Mark is known for his solid stand-up game but you out-struck him and got the better of him in every aspect of the fight. Were you expecting the fight to play out like it did? Several people that I spoke with saw you using your judo background and ground game to get the "W".

Lew: I'm currently training my striking with world renowned boxing coach Gary Lockett. As a former professional boxing world title contender and now coach, I feel my hands are in safe hands with Gary. My reaction times, angles and power have all improved under his tutelage. My judo and wrestling background allow me nullify take downs and keep fights standing. But if the fight got to the floor my BJJ is coming along too, the one weak spot in my arsenal. I've been working a lot with British champion brown belt Rob Taylor, although you didn't get to see my ground game this time.

AddictedMMA: As the fight wore on and it was evident you were up on the judges' scorecards, Mark kept dropping his hands and was urging you to have a "free shot". You remained professional and stuck to the gameplan but how tempting was it to wade in and attempt to land one?

Lew: I didn't need a free shot I had already landed plenty. The temptation was there, but the win was in my grasp and doing what I was doing was working. If I got sucked into a brawl and got clipped I wouldn't be able to forgive myself, Glover even after being down two rounds is still a very dangerous opponent.

AddictedMMA: Who's next for you? Is there any potential opponents that you feel match up particularly well with you?

Lew: I'd like to fight an established name on the Cage Warriors roster, someone who can ignite that fear and make me push myself harder in training once again. Tommy Maguire, Jason Ball or what the hell; Matt Veach if I'm feeling ambitious.

AddictedMMA: Cage Warriors is widely regarded as the leading MMA promotion in Europe. What separates them as a promotion to the rest?

Lew: I've noticed a lot of fighters signing fight deals with lesser promotions, naming no names. But with Cage Warriors you get looked after, a real platform to show case your skills and a chance to see the world doing what I love. Why sign a three fight deal with any other UK promotion when you don't even know when their next event is scheduled?

Cage Warriors have three events within the next month. I'm surprised Cage Warriors don't have a monopoly of all the top fighters on the UK scene; they must be numpties not to want to sign Cage Warriors contracts. See the world or see the insides of a decrepit opera house? Be a part of a consistent promotion that run regular events or wait for the promotion you're contracted with to announce when on earth their next show is?

I've made the right choice with Cage Warriors I'm certain.

AddictedMMA: That's two Cage Warriors appearances in a row in your native Wales..... As nice as it is to fight at home you must have an eye on fighting on a card in a sunnier destination? (Laughing)

Lew: I love fighting at home in front of the Welsh fans, but given the chance to fight on one of the Middle East shows I'd jump at the chance to throw down abroad.

AddictedMMA: Is there anyone you'd like to thank after that sterling performance on Saturday night?

Lew: Of course my corner team Andy O'Brien, Rob Taylor & Joey Brincat. UI Management, my boxing coach Gary Lockett. Ricky Wright and all the fans that bought tickets and come to see the fight. And to Cage Warriors for providing me with a high level platform to show the world what I can do.

AddictedMMA: Thanks for your time Lew and congratulations again.

Lew: What? No signature question this time? Thanks again Addicted MMA for the continued support.

Addicted: Not this time buddy! (laughs)

Photos by Huw Fairclough, Short and Round Photography.

Published by Steve Wickett - Tue, 7 May 2013 19:45

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