Marcus Davis Talks to the Addicted about Tonight's MFC 30

When The Irish Hand Grenade walks into the ring or cage, there's only one thing that's certain - we are about to watch an exciting fight. He is one of the sport's most entertaining fighters, and he brings a resume loaded with knockouts, submissions, and TKOs. Don't blink. This is Marcus Davis.

AMMA: Thank you for your time, man. It's no secret you submitted Pete Spratt by achillis lock a few years ago, and now you're set to fight him again. What was your initial reaction when you got this fight with Pete?

MD: You know, I was excited. We're more familiar with each other. We've had time to study and see each other, and I think that can make for good fights. Sometimes those second ones can be better than the first ones. You know, our first fight was a decent fight, but there was a lot more trying to feel each other out. This time, I don't think that's going to be a problem. I think we're ready to start real quick and get it going.

AMMA: Some don't like fighting guy they already beat, but this sounds like a chance to really show off a great fight.

MD: Yeah - that's why I fight. I fight to entertain. I like to fight fights that I know are going to be exciting, and Pete's a well-accomplished striker and so am I. Granted, we'll fight the fight wherever it takes place, this is an MMA fight, but I see more exchanges happening on the feet.

AMMA: Whether on the ground or standing, did you bring anyone into camp to emulate Spratt's style?

MD: No, I really didn't have time. I just changed what my approach was originally fighting Richie Whitson at 155. I went back with the coach that I was with at the time, and we went over all of Pete's most recent fights over and over again. Then we looked at some of his old tape to compare it to some of the new tape and identify some changes. Then we did the same thing with myself - identify some things that I'm doing a little different. Then I tried to find out what were my strengths over Pete and what were things he had as weaknesses and what were the things I had to make sure I did not do in this fight that he would capitalize on. We ironed that stuff out. That comes down to a good plan, so we're ready to go.

AMMA: It sounds like it. Did you notice any specific holes in Spratt's game during the Demi Deeds fight?

MD: Yeah. His positioning in the clinch with wrestling, there were a lot of holes, there were a lot of problems for both him and Deeds. They did a lot of things wrong. There I saw a lot. Sometimes he'd be waiting too long to get off and start striking. He was waiting until the person got too close, so I see that as an opportunity for me.

AMMA: Given those opportunities, can you guarantee a finish in this fight?

MD: Yes. I plan on finishing this fight. I don't plan on winning by decision.

AMMA: I'd like to change gears for a minute and talk about transitioning from the UFC to the MFC. How did you find the transition, and did you enjoy your first MFC fight?

MD: The transition wasn't a problem. This is all I've done. I've been a fighter. I've fought on little tiny shows. Obviously, I've had 15 appearances in the UFC, so I had a long time there. I'm a professional athlete, a professional fighter, and a professional businessman. You know, it's my job, so it was an easy transition. Yes, I've enjoyed all the time I've had with the MFC and working with Mark Pavelich. The man has treated me very well. He's very respectful, and, you know, it's nice to see his whole family involved in the business - they all have passion for it.

AMMA: Thanks, Marcus. Hey - do you have any shout outs you'd like to offer?

MD: I have a new sponser - it's called Road Armour. I love the stuff they have and what they do. Obviously I'm grateful to all my other sponsors as well. Thanks to my agent, Julian Gregorio, my manager, Joe Cavallaro, my trainer, Garth Krane, my other trainers, Mark Dellagrotte and Jorge Gurgel.

AMMA: Excellent. I see your bus is heading out, so we better wrap up. I leave you with this one very important question. Mr. Irish Hand Grenade, what are you addicted to?

MD: What am I addicted to? It's funny. Obviously drinking was a problem back years ago. I would say the only actual crutch I have, the only thing I ever coffee! I'm a coffee guy. I'm a coffee connoisseur. I've got many different types of coffee machines in my house, including espresso and all that stuff, so I'm a coffee guy.

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Published by Curtis Ledger - Fri, 10 Jun 2011 19:07

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