Paul Reed "I Didn't Want to Finish on a Loss"

Ahead of his bout next weekend in St. Austell on KORE MMA's second show I tracked down UK MMA veteran Paul Reed to talk about the fight. Somewhat of a legend on the scene Reed was scheduled to have his last ever bout on September 15th at KSW 20 in Poland. After coming out on the short end of a decision Reed couldn't call it quits on those terms.

When the chance came to fight on the KORE card it was an opportunity Reed couldn't turn down. Looking to go out with a bang Paul will look to take out Dan Welsh and then maybe he can call it a day once and for all. With a wealth of experience behind him, Paul can then concentrate on passing his expertise onto the next generation of fighters at Olympians MMA.

AddictedMMA: Hi Paul, welcome to AddictedMMA! Your last fight on KSW in Poland was rumoured to be your last ever match in an epic career. So.... You're fighting on KORE MMA in St. Austell on October 13th! What brought about the change of heart?

Paul: I didn't want to finish on a loss, then decide in six months or a year's time to come back to get what hopefully will be my 20th win. Also I didn't fight well in Poland, you have good days and bad days, I had a perfect platform and didn't fight anywhere near my capabilities.

AddictedMMA: Did the fact that several of your Olympians fighters are on the card make the decision to fight on KORE easier?

Paul: Yeah it made perfect sense. I have a group of guys fighting on the show, Guy Lewis, Steve Hodge, Brad Duncan, Chris Ogden, James 'Jimbo' Taylor, and I'm down there for the show for the weekend anyway. I'm in shape, so let's do it then. The fight is at 149lbs with a one pound allowance is 67.5, with .5 so the weight is right for me, I don't think I can make 66kg just now. I'm really looking forward to the event.

AddictedMMA: You've fought a who's who of fighters over the last six years and you hold wins over the likes of Kris Edwards, Akira Corassani and Brad Wheeler. What fight or fights have been your favourite over the years?

Paul: Brad Pickett, Akira, and the John Cullen fight are probably some of my favourites. There are loads more to be honest but those were good fights to be involved in, and I think I got knocked down more than once in each fight. The Cullen fight was a brilliant small venue in Stirling, in something similar to the York hall. It was a crazy atmosphere.

AddictedMMA: And what would be the one fight you'd like to fight again given the chance and why?

Paul: Everyone I lost I think. MMA can be very tough, when you work really hard and lose it hurts. The worst loss I ever had was getting knocked out in 25 seconds by Freddie Fernandez in Edinburgh. I had family come and watch and it was just a shit storm. But it taught me that anyone can get knocked out and anything can happen in a fight, especially right at the start. So I'd love to rewind time and do that one again.

AddictedMMA: On October 13th you'll fight Dan Welsh almost a year to the day since you fought him the first time around. Last year you finished him via a first round rear-naked choke; can we expect a repeat performance in this bout?

Paul: I don't know, I won't be in any rush to finish it in the first. I will work for a position I can finish the fight from for as long as the fight is going. Danny is a very dangerous striker, we both know what the other guy is going to try and do. I actually just watched his fight against Ash Grimshaw. I won't take him lightly and like I said before anything can happen.

AddictedMMA: At the last count there were six (inc. yourself) Olympians MMA fighters on the card. Are there any guys we should be keeping an extra special eye on?

Jimbo has added really, really good wrestling to his already high level boxing. Guy Lewis is boxing Thai-boxing; he's really sharp just now and is looking great off his back. Steve is just a horrible, horrible man. Brad looked brilliant in his debut. And Chris Ogden is just getting better and better and has awesome striking and submissions. I'm happy with all the guys and they will give 100%.

AddictedMMA: Do you have any messages for Dan ahead of the bout?

None really, I just hope it's a good fight and no one gets hurt.

AddictedMMA: Is there anybody you'd like to thank before we finish?

Paul: Everyone at Olympians MMA, Pedro Bessa BJJ, Star Boxing ABC, and Josh our pretty awesome wrestling coach.

We were hoping to get LJ Adams on the card but she's gone over to the states with Danielle West for the Invicta show in Kansas, because she is a huge big shot.

AddictedMMA: Is there anything else you'd like to get off your chest ahead of what could be your last ever MMA fight?

Paul: I really gave MMA my best shot, and worked as hard as I could with a family and a full time job to get the biggest fights I could get and be the best competitor I could be. I managed myself, and I think I did a pretty good job.

I went to the UFC last weekend in Nottingham and there were two guys fighting I had fought. Brad Pickett who beat me by majority decision and Akira Corassani who I got a win against by TKO.

I managed to get myself brilliant opportunities along the way, I've been all around Europe, Canada and the Dominican Republic.... too many places to mention through MMA. I've met some awesome people right from the start. I really do love the sports of fighting, boxing, muay-thai, wrestling, BJJ and I'm really glad I got the opportunity to do so many exciting things in the sport.

AddictedMMA: I think everybody in the industry would agree that you've done yourself proud over the years.

Before I let you go I'm going to hit you with our signature question! Aside from MMA what is Paul Reed Addicted to?

Paul: Too many jokes that could get me into trouble (laughs).

AddictedMMA: Thanks for your time Paul, all the best for October 13th and whatever the future holds for you.

Paul: Thanks Steve, see you soon.


Published by Steve Wickett - Thu, 4 Oct 2012 20:21

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