Cage Warriors: Sam Gilbert "I'm Very Confident"

Two of the UK's brightest young featherweights are set to clash on Cage Warriors 49 preliminary card this month, Brett Johns and Sam Gilbert will face one another in the evening's first bout, and it's a bout that I believe will set the tone for the evening.

After speaking to Brett Johns last week it was time to pin Sam Gilbert down and get this young man to talk! One of the rising stars on the UK scene Sam has finally dropped to his natural weight class of 66kg after fighting above his weight for much of his career to date. A young man with a slick BJJ game and hands capable of KO'ing the best, Sam was happy to talk about the fight and to expect on October 27th.

AddictedMMA: Hi Sam, I know all about you but a lot are still learning who Sam Gilbert is! Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your MMA background?

Sam: Hi Steve, I've finally found time to speak to you (laughs). I'm 20 years old and I've been doing MMA since the age of 15. I've recently been awarded my Brazilian jiu-jitsu purple belt under Pedro Bessa, and I like to think of myself as a half decent striker!

AddictedMMA: It seems like forever since you last fought (June 2nd 2012). And now you'll be on the Cage Warriors 49 card at the end of the month. How excited are you to be fighting on the card and would it be fair to say this is your biggest fight to date?

Sam: I am very excited and feel very privileged to get on such a big show; it's definitely the biggest fight since I fought Dean Bray at UCMMA 26. Training hasn't stopped since, i'm very excited to be fighting someone of Brett's calibre and hopefully we can put on a great show for Cage Warriors and the fans!

AddictedMMA: I know you're training hard at Combat (Athletics Academy), how are the preparations going?

Sam: Preparations are going really well as most of the guys at the gym are getting ready to fight, plus there's always guys on the mat to spar and roll with every night.

AddictedMMA: Your opponent on the 27th will be the unbeaten Brett Johns. What do you know about Brett?

Sam: I've done a bit of research and understand that he's unbeaten and he has very good takedowns plus a good judo background.

AddictedMMA: Each time I see you fight it's a better Sam Gilbert than the last one I saw. You seem to be forever improving and your coaches tell me they have to kick you out of the gym! Will this be the best Sam Gilbert to date for this fight?

Sam: I try to study my fights and improve on the areas I need to so you will see a better Sam Gilbert as it's been four long months since the last fight, the training really hasn't stopped so I've put the hard work in and it will soon be time to test myself once again.

AddictedMMA: Are you going to be brave enough to offer me a prediction ahead of the fight?

Sam: A win Steve. I'm very confident this time (laughs).

AddictedMMA: You've also signed on the dotted line with Intensiti Fighter Management. How do you see that helping your career move in the right direction?

Sam: We'll see what happens after this fight on October 27th.

AddictedMMA: Before I leave you alone I'm gonna hit you with our signature question.... Aside from MMA what is Sam Gilbert Addicted to?

Sam: Training that's all my life consists of!

AddictedMMA: Is there anyone you'd like to send thanks to?

Sam: All my coaches, Mark Tucker, Allen Willows and Kieran Hambly, all the guys at the gym for being there and my girlfriend for putting up with me being as miserable as sin! Also you guys at AddictedMMA for taking the time to interview me.

AddictedMMA: Thanks for your time Sam and all the best for October 27th.

Sam: Thanks Steve!

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Photo One: Sam Gilbert Courtesy of Renee-Lea Thackham, Action Creative.

Published by Steve Wickett - Wed, 17 Oct 2012 19:10

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