Leeroy Barnes On Fight Scene 5: "I'm worrying about my own game not his."

Interest in the imminent arrival of Fight Scene 5 on Sunday December 2nd has been fuelled by the knowledge that the main event will see MW title holder Dan Edwards take on non-other than Leeroy Barnes. The fight is set and the banter has reached full swing, with a rather amusing interview from Edwards having already been published by AddictedMMA.

But now it is time to hear from Barnes. A well-established figure on the UK scene, Barnes is known for his power and his submission victories and AddictedMMA were fortunate enough to hear from him about how he is feeling ahead of his headline bout on the Fight Scene 5 card.

Hi Leeroy, it's great to get a chance to catch up with you! At this stage of your career the tough fights are coming thick and fast and in your last outing you dropped the decision to Denniston Sutherland. What are your lingering memories of that fight?
"Hi guys, I just couldn't seem to get going. I have no excuses, I was over thinking everything I did in the fight and putting too much pressure on myself to perform, I got a lot of mental log jam in the fight whereas Denniston was more relaxed and able to capitalize on my delayed reactions. I think the fact that I went three full rounds at the pace we fought at with a fighter such as Denniston says a lot about the improvements I'm making to my game."

Win or lose in these tough fights, is it fair to say that you take something away from them and keep moving forward?
"Always, I'm constantly evaluating and evolving my game now, not just after fights but after every grapple and every spar in the gym. I'm improving at the most rapid rate I have in my career."

With your previous three fights having been on the BAMMA stage I am guessing you would have had a fair few options in terms of where to fight next? What has prompted to you to appear on Fight Scene?
"Yeah you're right I had some excellent offers and I had the opportunity to take some time out and wait until BAMMA 12, but obviously that doesn't pay the bills and Christmas is coming thick and fast. My manager told me about a young promotion in London that was doing good things and said there was a possibility of a suitable match up with them, I looked into the show and spoke to some London friends that spoke highly of them so jumped at the chance."

So what do you know about your upcoming opponent Dan Edwards?
"I know he's been in with some good guy's, he's very game I've seen a lot of his fights. But he hasn't been in with Leeroy Barnes, and when he feels my intensity, when I'm dragging his feet into the fire, he's going to start second guessing himself. Everybody under rates me and I'm fine with that."

Edwards is a hugely experienced fighter and has plenty of submission finishes as well as (T)KO's o his record. Which of these do you see as the biggest threat to you in this fight?
"None I'm worrying about my own game not his."

Are you bold enough to predict the outcome of this fight? Round and method?
"First round submission."

Do you have a message that you would like to send to Dan ahead of this fight?
"Stop talking shit like a bad bellend."

Are there any shout-outs or thanks that you would like to make?
"Thanks to my management Elite MMA Agency for looking after me. All my training partners and coaches at The MMA Academy Liverpool, my Boxing Coach Alan Levene, my S&C Coach Barrie Edwards, my sponsors for making it possible for me to train full-time, and last but not least all my supporters because you're amazing."

And the most important question: Outside of MMA, what are you Addicted to?
"Heroin, can't get off the stuff."

And there is the other half of the Fight Scene 5 main event. With a simple message sent to his opponent and a lot of confidence in how his game has been improving, Leeroy Barnes is set and ready to fight on December 2nd at the Clapham Grand. Do not miss it!

To catch up with what Dan Edwards had to say follow the link:http://addictedmma.com/story-Exclusives_9498_Dan-Edwards-on-Fight-Scene-5-Goads-Leeroy-Barnes.php

Pictures 2 and 3 were provided by the amazing Charli 'Little Red' Edwards. Check her work out here:http://www.littleredcreative.co.uk/index.html

Published by Ruarie Farrelly - Wed, 21 Nov 2012 21:15

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