Ashley Beaumont "I made a big statement"

Young Ashley Beaumont hasn't been in the game long, and it would actually be fair to say that he should still be a little green. But with an incredible display of focus and dedication Ashley has set an example and proven that hard work pays off, and quickly.

Making an impact in MMA is not the easiest thing to do, but with the right attitude and of course the right gym behind you it does happen.

After defeating the highly regarded Piotr Ptasinski in just moments via a spectacular KO at the most recent Pain Pit gathering in Newport Wales, young Beaumont has put a large target over his head! But it's not like that is an issue for the young warrior. In fact it's exactly what he wants, this is a guy who wants the challenge, this crazy kid wants the toughest fights available stacked up in front of him, and then he wants to knock them all down on his way to greatness. With Coach Richard "Shaky" Shore and the full Tillery army behind him, it may happen sooner rather than later.

Let's catch up with Ashley Beaumont and find out what's been going on.

AddictedMMA: First things first Ashley, congratulations on a spectacular victory, what do you remember about the fight?

Ashley: Thanks mate cheers for having me, I don't really remember much in a fight until I watch it back I was very confident before the fight and just remember Piotr rushing in and I caught him with the overhand right on the way in, I knew the fight was over as soon I connected and then I ground and pounded him until the ref stepped in.

AddictedMMA: You couldn't have hoped to of made a bigger statement with the win against Piotr, so now you must be really targeting getting yourself up the UK rankings?

Ashley: Yes I was very happy with how it ended I think I made a big statement, Piotr is a very tough guy I've seen him fight a couple of times now and hats off to him he doesn't stop he's a true fighter. As for climbing the rankings the British welterweight division is so deep, I know I've got some very tough fights coming in 2013 but i'm looking forward to the challenge and climbing the ladder. I just concentrate on training and let my coach work out who he wants me to fight next.

AddictedMMA: It must be great training at Tillery Combat with so much talent around you? Who gives you the toughest time on the mats and in sparring?

Ashley: The best thing I ever did was to walk through the doors of Tillery combat, in my opinion it's the best gym in Wales and one of the best in the UK! Richard Shore has everything running like clockwork. The club has everything in place for a fighter to be successful. As for the toughest time on the mats everyone gives each other trouble as the standard at the gym is so high.

To pick a few though I would say one is Kris Edwards he's the best off his back I've ever grappled with and I learn a lot from him, as for striking I'd probably go with Gareth (Gatchy) Williams he has great boxing and he hits like a sledgehammer (laughs), and I have to mention Jack (Tank) Shore, as he is hitting seasoned pros around he's only 17. His all round game is technically spot on in all areas I can't wait to see where he is by the time he's 20. I think he will become either a top MMA fighter or a pro boxer.

AddictedMMA: In the not too distant future you will be stepping back into the cage with the ultra-tough Lee Caers, he's a fighter that seems to deal with what is thrown at him very well and proven his durability time and time again. Will you be approaching this fight in the same way that you did with Piotr?

Ashley: I'm looking forward to the fight, I've seen Lee fight on two occasions, he's a talented fighter with a good record, but that just gives me more drive to get the win. I know if I get the win on the 23rd February it's going to put me right in the mix! I go into every fight the same i'm always ready in every area were ever the fight may go!

Shaky is already working on our gameplan for the fight.

AddictedMMA: It feels like you only started fighting a couple of months ago, but obviously you have been under the guidance of Richard Shore, what is the secret? How have you managed to arrive on the scene as such a force in such a short period of time?

Ashley: Everything's just happened so quick, I started MMA two years ago this December; before I joined the club I had zero experience in combat sports. I wouldn't have imagined in my wildest dreams I'd be in the position i'm in now! I've put a lot of hard work in, I train eleven times a week, I think if you work hard at something it pays off but without the right coach that would mean nothing! Without the guidance of Richard Shore I know I wouldn't be nowhere near the level I am now and that's a fact, I can't thank him enough. He is arguably the best technical coach in the UK as far as i'm concerned.

AddictedMMA: With so many of your team mates fighting on Cage Warriors and obviously Jack Marshman making a huge name for himself on BAMMA you must be hoping to get the call up from one of them soon?

Ashley: Kris Edwards is doing well at Cage Warriors and Martin McDonough has also just signed with them, Jack's (Marshman) is flying the flag at BAMMA so hopefully I will follow in their footsteps! The plan for 2013 is to stay busy and keep winning fights and improve week on week with all aspects of my game. Shaky has a great relationship with the management at Cage Warriors and he will decide when i'm ready to make the step up to one of the big shows. I'm only 22 and still have a load to learn so I just keep concentrating on the next fight in front of me as it is daft to look beyond that.

AddictedMMA: Obviously you train a hell of a lot, but what do you like to do in your down time? What does Ashley Beaumont like to do to chill out?

Ashley: When i'm not training i'm either watching MMA on the computer or on the TV my life revolves around it, it's took over my life but that's a good thing in my opinion, I just love the sport and just wished more people understood instead of slating it all the time

AddictedMMA: What shout outs would you like to give Ashley?

Ashley: All the boys at Tillery Combat, Kris Edwards, Kyle Prosser, Jack Shore, Gareth Williams, Martin McDonough, Robbie Lewis, Dorian Fielder, Joe Orrey, Ryan Phelps and my sponsor Jeff Young at JY Nutrition for supplying me with all my MMA gear and supplements.

And of course my coaches Richard Shore and Gavin Rees for all the hard work they have put in for me, cheers boys.

AddictedMMA: And of course our signature question. Outside of MMA what is Ashley Beaumont Addicted to?

Ashley: That's easy food! But if I had to choose which food it would be chocolate it's my biggest downfall (laughs).

AddictedMMA: Thanks for your time today Ashley and all the best for 2013.

Photo's by Huw Fairclough, Short & Round Photography

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Published by Steve Wickett - Wed, 28 Nov 2012 20:16

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