Fighter Analysis: Mark Godbeer

This weekend we promised you a double header and here is the second part of the Fighter Analysis feature.

Bellator's Mark Godbeer took time out to answer some of the most important questions in MMA today. So sit back, read on and find out who Mark Godbeer would least like to meet in a dark alley....


Name: Mark Godbeer
Nickname: "The Hand Of"
Age: 29
Marital Status: Married
Gym: Trojan Free Fighters
MMA Record: 8-1
Twitter Account: @handofgodbeer

What is your:

Career High? Signing for Bellator.
Career Low? Injuring my back before the Bellator tournament last year.
Career Ambition? To become a recognised champion.
Favourite Ever Fight? Cyborg vs. Manhoef.... that was class.
Favourite way to end a fight? Knock-Out!
Favourite ever MMA event? UFC 100 stood out for me.
Favourite MMA Promotion? Domestically I would say Cage Warriors, but favourite I have to go with Bellator.
Favourite Movie? Scarface. What a classic.
Favourite Artist/Band? I like all music, it depends on the mood I'm in.
Favourite Food? Chinese.
Favourite Alcoholic Beverage? Jager.
Favourite Sport (Apart from MMA)? Motocross.


Is your favourite fighter of all time? I like Dan Henderson. I love the way the guy carries himself. Total respect.
Would you most like to fight (any weight and era)? After all the recent smack talk lately I'd love to fight that Tyson Fury. Just to give him a schooling in MMA.
Would you least like to meet in a dark alley? A bigger version of Paul Sutherland (Laughs).
Would you want alongside you in a bar fight? Any of my Polish team mates; there's no backing down in any of those guys.
Is your favourite MMA Ring Girl? Arianny Celeste.


Pick three of your team mates and describe them using only one word?
1. Big Rob - Crazy
2. Nick - Funny
3. Paul Sutherland - Boss

Do you have any superstitions? No. I'm not a very superstitious guy.
First thing you eat after weighing in? When I was cutting weight it was bananas and jaffa cakes.
What is the stupidest thing you have ever done? To many too mention (Laughs)
What is the worst injury you've ever suffered? Injuring my neck that required surgery.
And Finally....What are you Addicted to? Fighting through and through.

Photo by Charli Edwards, Little Red Creative

Published by Steve Wickett - Sun, 13 Jan 2013 10:50

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