UIC 9: Ashley Beaumont "This is Going to be a Really Tough Fight"

Ultimate Impact Cagefighting 9 is fast approaching and the main event of the evening is a standout welterweight between champion Lee Caers and challenger Ashley Beaumont.

Taking time out of training and running his new nutrition shop to talk to us is Welsh knock-out machine Ashley Beaumont. Having amassed a 3-0 pro record his breakout fight was his last bout against Cage Warriors veteran Piotr Ptasinski. Many experts had the bout down as a close, hard to call fight, Ashley needed less than 20 seconds to dispel that as he dropped Ptasinski and swarmed him for a spectacular TKO win.

A repeat performance against Caers would see Ashley win his second belt inside of six months. Only time will tell if he can succeed in adding more gold around his waist.

AddictedMMA: Hi Ash and welcome to AddictedMMA again. Tell us what you've been up to since you defeated Piotr Ptasinski at Pain Pit at the back end of last year? I understand it's been a busy time for you?

Ash: Thanks mate, cheers for having me. Well it's been a busy month for me I've just opened a nutrition shop and I've been training hard so I haven't had time for anything else really. I start training at 6:30am and start work at 9am until 5:30pm, and then I train 6:30pm until 8pm. It's been hard work but it hasn't altered my training one bit, it just means I've got to get up a couple of hours earlier (laughs).

AddictedMMA: The win over Piotr was a spectacular one. Do you feel that that bout has put you "on the map" so to speak?

Ash: Yes definitely. Piotr is known all over the UK MMA scene, he's a warrior so to beat him in the fashion I did, I think I made people sit up and take notice.

AddictedMMA: Next up is another Cage Warriors veteran Lee Caers on Ultimate Impact for their welterweight title. How have preparations at Tillery Combat gone for the bout?

Ash: Yeah I can't wait for this fight it's all I've thought about since it was announced! Training's going well, we've just had a much needed extension that's made the gym double the size so there's a lot more room to train now! I think it's going to take the club to the next level.

AddictedMMA: Lee is a tough fighter with good striking, a tidy ground game and lots of heart. In that respect you're two very similar fighters; what do you see giving you the edge over Lee come fight night?

Ash: I'm under no illusion that this is going to be a really tough fight, but I will do everything in my power to get the win, not just on the night but every day in training leading up to it! I don't want to sound disrespectful but in my own head I won't be walking out of the cage without the belt!

I don't know where i'm going to be better or worse than him and neither does Lee with me, but I will be ready wherever the fight ends up! My coach will study his fights and give me the right gameplan to take into the fight.

AddictedMMA: Everyone raves about your heavy hands as you have developed a habit of finishing fights very quickly! Does part of you want to take a fight into the deep waters of rounds three, four and five so you can show off your full range of skills, or are you happy banging opponents out as quickly as possible?

Ash: I'm always prepared physically and mentally to fight hard and go the distance. Obviously if the chance presents itself I'll take it, I've been the distance twice as an amateur and my cardio was fine!

Shaky always tells us that we don't get paid by the hour so get the fight finished (laughs). I'd also like to get a submission win on my pro record, I think some people think all I've got is the knock-out blow but i'm a lot wiser to think that's going to get me through my career, I work on wrestling, stand-up and grappling/bjj equally and will continue to do so throughout my career.

AddictedMMA: Lee's coming in as champion; you're coming into the bout as challenger. Does that relieve all the pressure off your back when you enter the cage?

Ash: Not really; when i'm fighting I feel like i'm in a life or death situation I don't think about points or belts or anything like that when i'm in there, I just want to finish my opponent. I don't think it will affect Lee he's had ten pro fights so i'm sure he will handle the pressure.

AddictedMMA: UIC 9 is a superb card and you're headlining the card. How eager are you to put on a show for the fans and get the "W" come fight night?

Ash: Yeah it's an awesome card; it's a privilege to be fighting on the main event. I think Paul Sutherland has done a great job; it's a card not to be missed! I always try to make a good impression but to come away with the win is most important to me.

AddictedMMA: You and Lee are the main event of the evening. Can you tell me how you see the bout ending or will you let the bout take its course come fight night?

Ash: It's impossible to tell there's so many ways to win and lose in MMA, all I can say is I don't think it's going to go the distance! I don't care where the fight go's i'm ready for anything!

AddictedMMA: It's signature question time.... Aside from MMA what is Ashley Beaumont Addicted to?

Ash: Well last time I answered I said chocolate but my second addiction is football....I support West Brom.

AddictedMMA: Is there anybody you'd like to thank or send a shout-out to?

Ash: Yes all the boys at Tillery Combat Kris Edwards, Kyle Prosser, Joe Orrey, Jack Shore, Dorian Fielder, Lewis, Martin McDonough and all the rest! And of course my coaches Gavin Rees and Richard Shore for all the hard work they put in at the club!! Cheers boys

AddictedMMA: Thanks for your time today Ash and all the best for February 23rd.

Ash: Thanks a lot mate speak soon.

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UIC 9 Fight Card: http://addictedmma.com/story-Cards_9392_Ultimate-Impact-Cagefighting-9-Vendetta.php

Photos by Huw Fairclough, Short & Round Photography

Published by Steve Wickett - Thu, 17 Jan 2013 21:19

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