Lew Long "I'm Not Amused"

Last night top Welsh lightweight Lew Long was set to take on Ian Entwistle at BAMMA 10. Unfortunately for Lew and Ian the bout never materialised. Ian suffered a torn ACL with less than an hour before the scheduled start of the event.

With Lew left high and dry and a little bit cheesed off, he spoke to AddictedMMA less than 24 hours after the event.

AddictedMMA: Hi Lew, thanks for your time today. Last night you were meant to fight Ian Entwistle on the BAMMA 10 card. I think the whole of the UK MMA scene knows that unfortunately an injury prevented Ian from competing; he pulled out approximately an hour before the card was scheduled to start.

What were your first thoughts when you heard the news?

Lew: I thought it was a farce. I thought it at the time and I still think it still is. I believe he had no intention of making weight or even fighting. I think he bottled it. It's the third time someone has pulled out on me minutes before a show goes live.

I'm not amused.

AddictedMMA: How are you feeling now twenty four hours on from the event?

Lew: Like I said, it's a farce, but as always I like to celebrate by getting on it. I'm sat in a pub right now with my mates but there's no victory parade, there's no celebration, just a sense of limbo.

AddictedMMA: You paid a visit to the hospital yourself on Friday night I believe?

What was that all about then?

Lew: I had dehydrated myself too much and was having really bad chest pains. The doctors said I had pleurisy. I didn't tell anyone as I still wanted to fight and felt much better on the morning of the fight.

AddictedMMA: At the weigh-ins on Friday Ian came in overweight by around 3.5kgs. What did you make of that? Also do you feel that he ever wanted to fight you?

Lew: I was pretty sure he would make weight this time. He did try and make featherweight and tipped the scales at 69kgs in the past so I was pretty sure he would have made the lightweight limit. He didn't but I had been warned so I had a contingency plan in place and was fully prepared to take 25% of his purse. I also came in 0.4lbs over and had trouble of my own but that's a piss and a shit away from fight weight.

He took the piss.

AddictedMMA: Financially what are the implications involved? Have you had any indication from BAMMA officials as to whether you will receive your purse?

Lew: I'd like it to go on my record as a no-contest victory.

But to be honest Steve I'm not sure. But because the BAMMA doctor failed him (Entwistle), technically i'm not entitled to either the purse or the win.

Hopefully BAMMA come through (laughs).

AddictedMMA: Would you entertain the thought of getting the fight rearranged or are you going to move on from Ian now?

Lew: I really, really want to smash his teeth out now. Before he pulled this it was a bit of banter in my eyes but now he has really pissed me off.

I'd love the chance but you know what they say; Fool me once etc. etc.

AddictedMMA: Is there anything else you'd like to get off your chest before I let you get on with your Sunday?

Lew: I'd love some sort of apology for me and my fans that had made the trip from Ian (Entwistle).

He doesn't seem to care though.

AddictedMMA: Would you like to thank anyone for their help in the lead up to the fight?

Lew: I would like to thank my mother and my girlfriend Jenny.

Also my coaches Mike Edwards, Andy O'Brien and Paul Sutherland. I'd also like to thanks Ricky Wright and PAS JY nutrition

AddictedMMA: Thanks for your time Lew and all the best with whatever is next for you.

Lew: Cheers Steve.

Photo of Lew Long by Huw Fairclough, Short & Round Photography.

Published by Steve Wickett - Sun, 16 Sep 2012 20:08

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