Cage Warriors 49: Lew Long "Iím No One Trick Pony"

After suffering disappointment last month ahead of his BAMMA 10 match-up that never materialised due to an injury, Lew Long didn't have to wait long for some good news. A proud Welshman Lew has been signed up to fight on the historic Cage Warriors 49 card next weekend in Cardiff, Wales.

Looking to upset the home crowd on October 27th will be Paul Redmond. However after coming off a devastating KO of former BAMMA Lightweight title contender Diego Vital in June, plus a great training camp Lew is in NO mood to let that happen. I spoke to him last night about this great opportunity ahead of him next weekend....

AddictedMMA: It's good to speak on a positive vibe this time Lew. Last time we talked it was regarding Ian Entwistle's late pull-out from your BAMMA fight. Have you put that behind you now and did you ever get that apology you wanted?

Lew: I Got nothing from him, don't expect anything from him, all I can do is accept the positives from the fight that never happened such as; through the war of words on twitter I gained many new fans who wanted to see me smash him. He isn't a very popular person so it automatically made me the good guy. I've left him behind me now where he will stay as I move forward to bigger and better things.

AddictedMMA: Over the weekend it was announced that you'd be fighting on the upcoming Cage Warriors card in Wales. This must surely make up for the disappointment of the previous fight?

Lew: Oh hell yeah! Cage Warriors is superb; the first MMA show I ever went to was a Cage Warriors show back in Nottingham. That was a fun night. Since then I've always wanted to fight on their cards and now Cage Warriors have gone through the roof.

One of the reasons I got into fighting was to see the world. If I impress at Cage Warriors maybe they'll give me another chance. I hear Jordan is a beautiful place.

AddictedMMA: Did you even have to think twice when presented with the opportunity to fight on such a well-run, professional show like Cage Warriors?

Lew: Hell no, what's to really think about? I get to have my fight shown live around the world on MMAJunkie and then on sky sports in the week. Cage Warriors will put me on the map!

AddictedMMA: You'll be squaring off against Paul Redmond who is a dangerous fighter himself. He won his Cage Warriors debut in June and no doubt he'll be looking to make you his second victim! What do you know about Paul? Have you been watching his fights, or will you let him worry about what you bring to the cage come fight night?

Lew: I've seen his fights and like everyone he has strengths and weaknesses. I'll prevent him from using his strengths and expose his weaknesses. So far he hasn't bad mouthed me which is refreshing after Enty.

Paul comes across with no nonsense and it will be a pleasure to fight him. I'd like to thank him for taking the fight, many names which were presented to me pulled out for various reasons and at one point I was doubting whether I'd get matched. But Cage Warriors always pull it out of the bag.

AddictedMMA: Speaking to those close to you they wax lyrical about your skillset. One thing everyone raves about is your wrestling. Now you're adding a solid striking game to your arsenal, how do you see your total MMA game coming along?

Lew: I started off doing Judo and then kickboxing. I got my black belt in both and then moved to Muay-Thai and competed in Thailand winning the bronze medal in the world thai boxing games losing in the semi-final against the eventual winner. So I've always had a striking background. My BJJ game has been coming along too. Being well rounded is important MMA, without decent wrestling you'll struggle to showcase your stand-up if you're easy to take down. I'm no one trick pony!

AddictedMMA: You'll be going into Cardiff with the intention of finishing Paul inside the three rounds. Do you have any prediction as to how the fight will end?

Lew: My prediction is PAIN! (Laughs) wherever the fight goes I'm confident that I'll be able to finish Paul whether it be by wrestlef**k or punching him a lot!

AddictedMMA: You're training at Trojan Free Fighters under Paul Sutherland now. What was the decision to move your camp?

Lew: I've never really had a home, I've just travelled around from gym to gym and in many ways I still do. Training with Trojan was a good decision for me, I've signed with their management too. They have fighters in the UFC, Bellator, Cage Warriors and BAMMA. I am confident they can get me to where I want to be.

As for training I'm surrounded by some of the toughest fighters in the UK. It's no good being the top dog in any gym otherwise you never learn. At Trojan I'm at the bottom of the pack but holding my own. Iron sharpens iron and I'm learning and improving every day. I also get to spar with the best fighters in the UK and I am never short of sparring partners!

AddictedMMA: I didn't ask you this last time and I got flamed for, our signature question; Aside from MMA what is Lew Long Addicted to?

Lew: Plundering booty on the high seas ... Garrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

AddictedMMA: Cheers Lew you pirate! All the very best for October 27th.

Lew: Cheers Steve.

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Photo Courtesy of Huw Fairclough, Short & Round Photography.

Published by Steve Wickett - Thu, 18 Oct 2012 21:12

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