Ling vs. Clarkson set for Shock n Awe 13 Main Event

The Main Event for Shock n Awe 13 is set and it's a mouth-watering Middleweight Title Fight that will see Champion Mike Ling (10-5) take on Lloyd Clarkson (6-5).

Gym 01's 25 year old Mike Ling defeated Stu Tyrie at Shock n Awe 12 last November to capture the title after bloodying up the Welshman with some hellacious elbows on the mat. Since then the Gym 01 man has gone on to defeat Lukasz Przybylski at Killacam Fight Night 5 last month.

Ling is fired up for the bout and told us:

"I'm really looking forward to defending my belt against a tough guy like Lloyd Clarkson. Lloyd has been the distance with Tom Watson so he's no joke and I think it will make for a great fight."

"I've known Lloyd a while now so there's no bad blood but he's standing in the way of where I want to go, I want bigger and better things and I'm looking to keep my win streak going by any means necessary."

Clarkson who trains out of John Skillen MMA is looking to extend his win streak to three. Clarkson has put together a two fight win streak with wins over Kevin Webster and Earl Brown.

Looking ahead to the bout, 30 year old Clarkson told AddictedMMA:

"After missing out on my chance to fight for the UCMMA Middleweight belt in December, I'm excited to have the chance to fight for the Shock n Awe title."

"I have been a commentator for the show since Shock n Awe 1 until recently, and being originally a South Coast lad I feel that it is my spiritual home. I was commentating on Mike's first fight in the UKMMA league many years ago, and I remember then thinking that one day our paths would cross."

"It will be a bit weird as I know and like him, but when the bell goes we both have a job to do as professionals! Mike is a dangerous and skillful fighter, and I am sure he will bring every weapon in his arsenal to the table on March 9th. I will certainly be bringing all of mine........ Looks like we're in for a good old fashioned shootout! I would like to thank Big Bri and Gareth for hooking this fight up, and giving me the opportunity to fight for the belt."

And finally we grabbed a word with The Jedi, Brian Adams for whom this bout cannot come quick enough.

"Making this fight was actually not ideal as both fighters are good friends of mine. Looking past that I'm really excited to have this fight sewn up, both guy's come forward and love to throw bombs and in my opinion this ends in round one with someone KO'd."

"On March 9th the crowd are going to see something special."

Shock n Awe 13 Fight Card:

Pro MMA Bouts

U185lbs Shock n Awe British Middleweight Title
Mike "Big Daddy" Ling (c) 10.5.0. (Gym01) vs Lloyd Clarkson 6.5.0 (John Skillen MMA)

U145lbs Shock n Awe British Featherweight Title (Vacant)
Phil Else 6.0.0. (Gods of War) vs Jason Furness 8.2.0. (AVT)

U125lbs (Flyweight)
Scott "Too Hot" Pooley 7.3.0. (Gym01/Poole Cage) vs Mark Handley 4.5.0. (Spartan MMA)

U170lbs (Welterweight)
Danny Compton 3.3.0. (Exile MMA) vs Andy Kerr 3.3.0. (IPPON MMA)

U145lbs (Featherweight)
Callum "Little Country" Jones (Gym01) 6.1.0. vs Rikki Fortuna 1.1.1. (Newport MMA)

U135lbs (Bantamweight)
Paddy Moore 5.4.0. (Gym01) vs Martin Sheridan 6.1.0 (Shudan Dojo)

U125lbs (Flyweight)
"G I" Joe Laurence 3.4.0.(Ippon MMA) vs James "Jedi" Mullady 0.3.0. Team Jedi

U155lbs (Lightweight)
Matt "Short Fuze" Hughes 2.0.0.(Gym01) vs Ryan Williams 0.1.0. (Celtic Pride)

U125lbs (Flyweight)
Brett "Lil Ninja" Caswell 0.0.0.(Gym01) vs Stephen Gifford 1.0.0. (Celtic Pride)

U135lbs (Bantamweight)
Belal "Bengal Tiger" Miah 1.1.0. (Gym01) vs TBC

Semi Pro MMA Bouts

U170lbs (Welterweight)
Gareth Millar 2.1.0. (Gym01) vs Benny Carr 4.1.0. (Exile MMA)

U145lbs (Featherweight)
Nathan Ford 1.0.1. (Newport MMA) vs "King" Balal Miah 2.0.0.

U135lbs (Bantamweight)
Anton DeFreitas 4.3.0. (Gym01) vs Danny Suter 4.1.0. (Spartan MMA)

U185lbs (Middleweight)
Michal Rosenbaum 1.1.0. (Gym01) vs Seb James 1.0.0. (Primitive Gym)

U68kg (Catchweight)
Martin Dell 0.0.0. (IOWBJJ) vs Thomas Holland 0.0.0. (Elements MMA)

U155lbs (Lightweight)
Alex Box 0.0.0. (IOWBJJ) vs Anton Bray 1.0.0 (TNT Fight Centre)

U170lbs (Welterweight)
Andy "Milky" Way 0.0.0. (Gym01) vs TBC

Amateur MMA Bouts

U145lbs (Featherweight)
Kane Harris 0.1.0. (Elements MMA) vs TBC

U155lbs (Lightweight)
Jon Clucas 0.1.0. (Gym01) vs David Russell 0.0.0. (SMAA)

K1 Kickboxing Bouts

U135lbs (Bantamweight)
Kane Nicholson 0.1.0. vs TBC


Tables can be paid in full via debit or credit card as above and by visiting..... OR

If you want to reserve a table, they are issued in numerical order (or if you want a specific one then let us know) you need a full 20% to reserve your table with full payment to be made 14 days before the event or the table will be released again for sale.

Doors open for VIP's at 4pm.

There will be a buffet reception, meet and greet with the fighters, waitress service and VIP bar for all of those on the upgraded tickets and tables.

Entry for tiered seating is 5pm, the first fight is at 5.30pm.

**Fight Card is subject to change at any point.

Photo of Mike Ling by Charli Edwards, Little Red Creative

Published by Steve Wickett - Sat, 12 Jan 2013 17:01

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