The Shock N Awe 13 Fight Review.

With a lot of fight nights you tend to find most punters only start to roll up as the bill reaches the bigger fights so it is a credit to the guys at Shock N' Awe to see the Mountbatten Centre already buzzing before we've even reached the first fight. Definitely the sign of a promotion that is going from strength to strength.

First up Ryan Marshall took on Jason Culloty in a contest which saw Marshall and Culloty go toe to toe for three rounds. While the majority of the fight was spent on the ground, there were a number of healthy exchanges between the two fighters including some impressive knees from the well supported Culloty towards the end of the second round. With the third round heading in much the same direction, it was left to the judges with their decision going in favour of Marshall.

It was a quick win for local boy Jon Clucas in the second contest of the evening. Early exchanges resulted in little damage from neither Clucas nor his opponent David Russell however a knee from Jon and a slam into the ground gave Clucas the advantage as he executed a solid rear naked choke forcing his opponent to tap out after just over a minute of the first round.

Rob Sosa flew out of his corner giving little time for his opponent Michael Rosenbaum to get settled as Rob land a flurry of kicks and punches. Further into round one and it looked like game over as Sosa locked in an impressive choke but all credit for Rosenbaum for lasting the round. An early flying kick in the second round and it was clear Sosa was on top however the third round saw Rosenbaum take control on the ground raining punches down on his opponent before referee intervention brought a surprise win for the Gym 01 fighter.

Anton Bray took on cage debutant Alex Box next and, showing a high level of confidence, a spinning kick from Bray clearly caught Box and, despite a solid show from the debutant, his opponent had enough about him to step it up with a well connecting head kick. Round two didn't really have time to get started with Bray soaking up some early punches from Box before sending him crashing to the canvas with no way back.

Two more debutants followed as Andy "Milky" Way took on Shey Roberts in a contest which looked like it was heading into a second round with Way having weathered some solid kicks from his opponent however a takedown from Way followed by a rear naked choke forced Roberts to tap out with just over a minute of the first round left.

Three quick wins next. Fight six of the night saw local fighter Kenny Kennard slam his opponent to the canvas executing a crunching ankle lock to end the fight early in the first round while Nathan Ford beat King Balahl Miah in the seventh fight with a tight guillotine choke with just over sixty seconds on the clock. Heading into the main card of the night, Exile MMA fighter Benny Carr dispatched Gareth Millar with a flurry of punches winning in just under twenty-five seconds.

Considering Brett Caswell is a Commonwealth Games Judo Gold Medalist, it came as no surprise to see him repeatedly take his pro-debut fight with Joshua Bangert to the canvas. While it took Bangert a while to figure this out, Bangert soon started to fight from a distance and, despite losing on a judge's decision, should be satisfied that he managed to go the distance with an opponent who clearly knew what his strengths were.

Talking of strengths, Joe Lawrence launched into a punishing set of leg kicks at the start of his fight with each one leaving his opponent Matt Webb in some discomfort although after one too many kicks, Webb started to brush them off before they landed. Midway into round two and another flurry of punches from Laurence brought the fight to an end with a victory for the Bournemouth fighter.

Swansea fighter James Thomas took his fight with Matt "Short Fuze" Hughes on six days notice and was holding his own before the Gym 01 fighter grounded Thomas forcing him to tap out with a vice-like heel hook which left Thomas showing a mixture of pain and frustration at being finished off in the first round.

Welsh fighter Rikki Fortuna had a very vocal following for his fight with local fighter Callum Jones and with Fortuna on top in the first round, credit must go to his opponent for surviving two choke attempts to end the first round on top. Round two saw Callum start to take control both standing and on the ground and with a nasty cut blocking the vision of his opponent in round three, the ref had no choice but to put a stop to the contest much to the disappointment of the Welshman and his following.

Despite being deducted a point for accidental yet multiple knees to the groin of his opponent, Andy Kerr added a fourth win to his record with a second round victory over Danny Compton. Taking his opponent to the ground in the second round, Kerr unleashed a barrage of punches before ref intervention brought the fight to a conclusion.

Heading into the final three fights of the night, it was another heel hook from a Gym 01 fighter which ended fight fourteen. Clearly a move that has been worked on by the local gym, the experienced Scott Pooley managed to pull this one off with just over a minute gone in the first round of his contest with the equally experienced Mark Handley.

It was the first of two title fights next to finish the evening. First up, Yorkshire fighter James "Scraps" Saville took on Wellingborough-based Martin Sheridan for the Shock n' Awe Bantamweight belt and, despite Saville not making his weight cut, it didn't stop him putting in an impressive stint in the cage winning with a clinical triangle choke midway through the second round.

Finishing up the night the Shock n' Awe Featherweight title bout saw Reading-based Phil Else take on Yorkshire fighter Jason Furness and, while most of us were expecting a tough, technical contest, nobody told Furness who midway through the first round ended the fight with a brilliant rear naked choke to take the title with his Gods Of War opponent conceding defeat graciously but with some disappointment.

Words by Graham Finney

Published by Boogeyman - Mon, 11 Mar 2013 14:19

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