Killacam Fight Night 6 Review

From the outside you would be forgiven for thinking the Margate Winter Gardens had seen better days, but the interior tells a different story. Etched with decades of seaside entertainment the ghost of long gone comedians and entertainers still whisper through the narrow winding corridors. Follow the paths down into the bowels of the building and you arrive at what is a spectacular ballroom. Still holding its character the comedians and singers have now been replaced with the sound of crunching bones and glove on skin. Killacam has arrived on the east coast of England and a full night of martial arts action awaited the AddictedMMA team. A good sized crowd gathered around the historical main stage but none of them probably realised what they were about to witness, nine fantastic fights would be followed by a headliner of such sudden and explosive violence that everybody leaving the theatre would be talking about the anomaly that they had just witnessed as they shuffled along the Margate promenade. Ladies and gentlemen the Fire Kid was in town, and he had come to take the gold home.

Mark Harris Vs Robert Sholten.

Harris opens the bout by finding the clinch via strikes, he takes a knee to the chin for his troubles but it doesn't faze him. He lands a glorious right hook to Sholten and surges in for the take down instantly finding full mount; from here he drags the arm up, switches position and takes it home with a perfectly executed arm bar. A lovely unorthodox finish and a top job from Harris.

Ben Conway Vs Romain Robert

Romain is looking sprightly as he prepares to take on Urban Kings Ben Conway. Off the bat Romain drops Conway with a perfectly executed head kick and jumps into half guard, the ref stands the fight up very quickly but Romain pushes forward landing evil punches, but Ben is a gamer and takes what he is given. Romain surprises Ben with a guillotine but Ben escapes it and finds half guard. Conway has already been hurt but his huge heart is seeing him through and he finds himself in half guard. Great hips from Romain and he tries to hook an armbar that he has no right to find. Ben clears his head and starts to dominate from above looking for the knee rides, but the French man escapes and they both battle for dominance as the round comes to an end. Wow! What a round.

Ben is in trouble early but his instincts are good, he finds half guard but is breathing heavily. Ben is looking for side control but somehow ends up with a full mount. Romain bucks like a rodeo horse and Ben takes his back and lands some gnp, Conway is digging for the RNC but Romain is savvy and fends it off. Romain is in a real bad place taking strikes but all of a sudden he explodes and climbs into half guard, he then stands up as the round finishes. Both men are looking exhausted but they are putting on an incredible fight for the crowd.

Good right from Romain hurts Ben but Ben responds by throwing him down and then takes a couple of steps away to try to catch his breath. Romain springs to his feet and jumps for the guillotine but finds himself on his back defending a gift wrapped full mount from Conway. As well as being exhausted it seems Ben is now short on ideas as well. Credit to Ben who holds the position and battles through the fatigue to maintain his dominance. This will take a superhuman effort from Romain to escape at this stage and my god he does it by escaping through the back door, although Ben counter fools him and finds half guard seeing out the round . A truly fantastic effort and fight from both guys sees Ben Conway taking the decision but both guys winning the fight of the night from AddictedMMA.

Kul Dugen Vs Darren Stewart

Kul throws a front kick to start the fight but Darren catches it tripping him and follows him to the edge of the cage. He starts throwing gnp like a pneumatic drill as Kul covers up. Every blow seems to deflect off Kul's arms with little to nothing getting through. It's enough for the referee to see fit to finish the fight as an infuriated Dugen protests. It was certainly a tough decision for the ref but Dugen's body language most likely didn't help himself and he didn't seem prepared to take any damage to escape the situation, shame as Stewart looked to have used a lot of energy with the strikes thrown.

Liam Bird Vs Locas Bienias

Liam opens the fight with a couple of jabs to Locas's face, so Locas dives in looking for the takedown and gets it. It's an early smothering game from Locas and Liam battles his way to his feet only to be taken down again. Locas starts to land some gnp but Liam hits a switch taking his back. Liam has really turned the tide now and lands some gnp of his own. Locas gives his back up and taps to gnp but he is saved by the bell, crazy finish to the round.

Rd 2
Both guys come out banging like bro's, they clinch and Locas hits the take down. Locas is looking to smother Liam again but he executes a clean triangle that Locas eventually succumbs to. This was a highly entertaining fight.

Makesa Mwanza Vs Danny Pearson.

Makesa dominates Danny getting the take down but Danny finds himself on top only for Makesa to almost find an armbar. Makesa takes top control and knee rides whilst landing some nasty looking gnp. Makesa applies a keylock to Dannys arm and at first it looks like he may have popped it or broken the arm. Luckily it looks like it may not be as bad as first seemed. Makesa takes the win via submission at 2 minutes 34 seconds.

Simon Harley Vs Kayvan Fallah

Fallah comes out swinging and it's clear he has oodles of power. He gets the takedown and lands some gnp, he takes Simons back but Simon escapes the rnc attempt. They both stand and Fallah already looks visibly tired. Simon comes in looking for the kill after weathering the storm as Fallah looks to shake off the fatigue. Lovely array of kicks from Harley as he starts to push the fight. But there is life in the old dog yet and Fallah wont lay down, they both stand in the centre of the cage landing punches and kicks until the round finishes with smiles on their faces. Sadists!

Rd 2
Harley is now the aggressor but Fallah lands a couple of nasty strikes that wobble Harleys chops. Harleys face is a bloody mess and Fallah looks tired and I'm wondering if both fighters can survive. They both see the round out taking chunks out of each other. It's a judge's worst nightmare to watch but the fans are loving it. They have both earnt each others and everybody else's respect in attendance.

Rd 3
Fallah opens the round with a little show boating as he attacks Simons battered legs, he seems to have gotten his third wind. They come together and Fallah gets the takedown, he lands three blows across Simon's face that seems to wake him back up. Fallah really digs deep and comes on strong, he finishes the round on top landing gnp. A fantastic fight from both guys and a real crowd pleaser. Fallah takes the unanimous decision.

Paul Attwood vs Akram Benali

Attwood is like the Terminator coming forward landing heavy leg kicks, Benali is staying on his toes but getting caught. The evasive style is proving a worthwhile tactic for Benali as towards the end of the round Attwood doesn't seem quite so confident, Although it's clear that Benali's legs have taken a welting.

Rd 2
Paul gets the takedown early but Akram battles to his feet, both look weary and Paul is losing an ungodly amount of sweat. The rest of the round plays out on the feet much like the first round with Paul landing the lion's share of leg kicks.

Rd 3
Another standing round, both guys fight aggressively in this round although nothing of major significance lands. It doesn't chance the fact that this was a great watch for everybody and a very tactical fight. Attwood takes the honours with a unanimous decision and overcomes a very tricky opponent.

Dan Shortman Vs Tony Hall

Dan lands a heavy right but gets instantly taken down, he stands very quickly but Tony pulls up a standing guillotine to which Shortman taps. Shortman complains that he received an illegal knee with his hand on the mat prior to the submission. Unfortunatly at that moment our vision was impaired so we cannot give a fair opinion on the matter.

Ben McGonigle Vs Andy Elliot

Ben comes out aggressive and lands some heavy combinations to Elliot's head and body. Elliot responds by shooting for the takedown and for his effort gets it, Ben stays active underneath working Andys ribs until he makes a break for it and escapes. Back on the feet Ben lands a heavy 1-2 but Elliot responds with a solid combination of his own. These boys are just settling in for a war but then Ben drops Elliot with another combo, he stacks him up on the mat and starts landing some hellasious gnp. Somehow Elliot weathers it for a good 30 seconds until the round comes to an end.

Rd 2
They engage and Ben lands a front kick, Elliot maybe hurt but he still looks dangerous. All of a sudden Ben drops him again and starts landing the gnp. The ref correctly stops the fight before any more damage can be done. Solid performance from McGonigle.

Scott Hunt Vs Tom Duquesnoy

This is the big one and a hush falls over the theater, both guys seem unnaturally calm as they wait for the ref to start the proceedings.

They both meet in the centre and Scott throws a side kick which Tom evades with relative ease, with Scott finishing the kick sideways on, Tom sees a gap and as he does and is becoming quickly famous for EXPLODES! Tom launches forward and as Scott looks to recompose Tom unleashes an uppercut from the depths of hell that clips Scott but seems enough to shake him up a little. Tom is not prepared to stop there and jumps at Scott grabbing him and slinging him across the cage to the mat, he follows in the blink of an eye, dropping an elbow that has so much mustard on it Scotts head bounced 20 inches up off the mat. Scott goes into survival instincts trying to fend off the blows and keep consciousness, but Tom is reaching for the heavens and bringing down sawn off sledge hammers with incredible accuracy and power. It is hard to watch as Scott slips into sleep and the speed of Tom allows him to land a couple more horrific looking blows before the ref is able to put a hand on his shoulder and stop the fight. It's not the ref fault it's just the Fire kid moves faster than anything I have seen in a long time. The bout only lasts 44 seconds and Scott recovers well with his team around him. It's his first loss and as any great fighter knows the first loss is a fighter's greatest education. Tom has already been privy to that lesson and by all accounts it looks like it's not one he is prepared to sit through again.

We left Margate still shaken by the final bout but with plenty to talk about after a night of great fights. But the one subject we couldn't help keep re-covering over and over again on our five hour journey back was quite obviously The Fire Kid. We are going to see a lot more from this young Parisian, there is no doubt about that. You have my guarantee that we will see this young man in the UFC at some point, and dare I say maybe at some point with some more gold around his waist.

Published by Boogeyman - Mon, 26 Aug 2013 19:52

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