Staydown FC VII: AddictedMMA Event Review

Liskeard's public hall was host to Staydown FC VII: AddictedMMA on Saturday night and boy did it deliver! All 20 fighters turned up intent on putting on a show and looking to finish their opponents in spectacular fashion. The main event of the evening would see Brad Wheeler and Antanas Jazbutis square off for the Staydown FC Lightweight Title. The card was backed up with solid fights from start to finish and had the fans on their feet from start to finish.

Antanas Jazbutis vs. Brad Wheeler

Time these men entered the cage the tone had been set for the evening with some superb bouts previously and this one followed suite. Wheeler quickly took the middle of the cage and started throwing the jab out; Jazbutis timed one to perfection, slipped it and pushed Wheeler against the cage. From there it was a real battle for position as both men tried to implement their gameplan upon the other. Jazbutis scored two takedowns but Wheeler popped straight back up both times, as Jazbutis looked for takedown number three he left his neck out and Wheeler locked onto it. Feeling he had the guillotine tight he pulled guard, unfortunately in doing so he lost the hold and the last 10 seconds of the bout saw Jazbutis on top landing hard punches straight to Wheeler's head.

Jazbutis took the fight to the floor straight to the mat at the start of the second and sat in Wheeler's guard looking to land more ground and pound. Wheeler wasn't prepared to just take it though and was actively looking for something off his back. However each submission Wheeler attempted was met with brutal hammerfists from Jazbutis. Weathering those shots Wheeler made his way back to his feet and the pair clinched against the cage. With not a lot happening Howard Hughes separated the men and Wheeler landed three hard shots that saw Jazbutis clinch and take the fight against the cage once more. Wheeler looks for another guillotine and it looks tighter than the first, Wheeler drops to the mat once more and Jazbutis looks in trouble. However he guts it out and eventually frees himself and lands a big shot to Wheeler's head right on the bell.

The third follows the same pattern as the second, Jazbutis goes straight to work in taking Wheeler to the floor, Wheeler is straight back to his feet but once more Jazbutis trips the Essex man back to the mat. Jazbutis is visibly growing as this fight goes on and is really landing some telling shots in Wheeler's guard. It's relentless from Jazbutis on top and he opens up cuts above Wheeler's right eye and on the bridge of his nose. Blood is everywhere by now and Howard Hughes halts the fight to get the cuts checked. The medics give Wheeler the ok to resume and the fight restarts on the feet, Wheeler chases Jazbutis down looking to land the shot that will turn the tide, Jazbutis scores another takedown on the bell that Wheeler gets straight back up from. It's probably three rounds to zero in Jazbutis' favour now and Wheeler will need to rethink his gameplan from here on in.

Into the championship rounds and Jazbutis looks for the instant takedown once again but this once is defended and Wheeler is looking for the guillotine once more; Jazbutis uses it to his advantage however and deposits Wheeler on the mat once again. Wheeler keeps moving though and works his way back up to his feet. The men clinch against the fence and Wheeler is busy trying to work to Jazbutis' back. The Trojan Free Fighters man uses the fence to stop Wheeler getting his hooks in, as they separate Wheeler lands a big knee that sends Jazbutis reeling, he follows that up with another to the chest as Jazbutis is grounded against the cage. In my head I was seeing a similar ending to that of Silva vs. Sonnen II but tonight Jazbutis was lying down for no man. He exploded off the cage and scored yet another takedown and saw the round out hammering yet more shots down upon the grounded Wheeler.

It's do or die for the bloodied Wheeler now and he stuffs Jazbutis' takedown attempt and starts looking for one of his own. The men clinch against the cage once more and Wheeler drags Jazbutis on top of him as he looks for a way to finish the fight. Jazbutis stays calm and turns into Wheeler and exits the danger back to his feet, Wheeler meets him in the middle and is looking to land the fight changing shot. However Jazbutis refuses to be drawn into that and takes it down once more, time is running down and Jazbutis is content to stay in Wheeler's guard landing shot after shot until the bell sounds.

What a fight, that was the best Antanas Jazbutis I've ever seen and he will rightfully be crowned the Staydown FC Lightweight Champion after a superb performance.

Winner: Antanas Jazbutis via Unanimous Decision (49-46, 50-45, 50-44) Round 5, 5:00

Nick Nembhard vs. Piotr Piewiszko

The bell rings and both are quick to meet in the middle of the cage. Piewiszko fires off two quick kicks but Nembhard keeps coming forward and he's throwing some seriously hard shots and most seem to be connecting. Piewiszko clinches and looks for the takedown but Nembhard isn't having any of it, the men separate and they start to throw down hell for leather looking for the fight ending punch. The action calms down and Nembhard appears to be stalking Piewiszko down, he unleashes a devastating straight right that finds its mark with pinpoint accuracy and topples Piewiszko like a tree. Nembhard swarms his fallen opponent but Howard Hughes separates the men and waves the bout off.

Winner: Nick Nembhard via Knock-Out (Punch) Round 1, 2:38

Matt Gray vs. Harry McLeman

McLeman quickly clinches and takes Gray to the cage at the start of this bout. The men grapple for position but McLeman trips Gray to the mat and straight into mount position. Some heavy shots from the top force Gray to give up his back and McLeman quickly locks in the body triangle. Some more shots from the top loosen Gray up and McLeman slips in the rear-naked choke that brings this bout to an end.

Winner: Harry McLeman via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) Round 1, 1:53

Steve Thomas vs. Will Wride

An eagerly anticipated clash between two unbeaten fighters is next up. Steve Thomas (2-0) and Will Wride (4-0) met at a catchweight 79kg. Thomas makes a good start and takes the fight to the floor; from Wride's guard he lands several nasty looking elbows against the cage. Wride uses the cage to wall walk his way back to his feet where he is met with an uppercut and a right hook from Thomas, Wride fires off a leg kick that is returned in kind by Thomas. The men clinch once more and battle for position against the cage, Thomas trips Wride with a big takedown, Wride almost scrambles free but Thomas keeps it on the mat. Wride times Thomas' attack from the top and gets back to his feet, this time however Wride works to Thomas' back and drags him to the mat, the clackers sound and Wride ends the round landing shots to Thomas' ribs.

Wride comes out swinging at the start of the second and catches Thomas with at least two good, solid shots. Thomas shoots in for the single leg gets the takedown and is on Wride's back straight away, however maybe Thomas was a bit too eager and he slips off Wride's back and is now on the bottom. Wride lands some of his own shots from half guard but Thomas is doing a decent enough job of tying him up so no major punishment is inflicted. Wride is controlling the action from the top but Thomas stays busy off his back and almost gets a triangle choke. His legs aren't quite locked in and Wride is able to work free and sees the round out in Thomas' guard.

It's probably a case of winner of the round will win the fight and Wride wastes no time trying to make sure he's scoring points from the off. He drags Thomas to the mat and is in his half guard grinding away on top landing awkward looking shots that will make it as uncomfortable as possible for Thomas. The time is ticking away and Wride is controlling the action fairly comfortably, just as I'm thinking it's a wrap Thomas seems to have locked in a triangle-armbar out of nowhere! He desperately tries to sink the choke and then the armbar but Wride holds tight, the bell comes in time for the Trojan man as he moves to 5-0 and in turn inflicts a first loss upon Steve Thomas' record.

Winner: Will Wride via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27) Round 3, 5:00

Sean May vs. Dan Rees

Another bout between the Combat Athletics Academy and Trojan Free Fighters saw Sean May (CAA) and Dan Rees (TFF) meet at 73kg.

As soon as the bell sounded Rees rushed May and landed several heavy handed shots, May weathers that storm and fires back with some of his own. The action moves to the cage as the men clinch and May gets the single leg takedown, he looks to sink in a rear-naked choke but Rees defends it well. May stabilises his position on top and now has both hooks in, he stays patient in search for the submission landing shots from the top to loosen Rees up. When the opportunity presents itself May slides his arm underneath Rees' chin and entices the tap at 4:18 of round one.

Winner: Sean May via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) Round 1, 4:18

Jamie Reynolds vs. Jamie Pritchard

Pritchard shoots for the early takedown but Reynolds isn't having any of it, the men clinch and Pritchard pulls guard, Reynolds lands some big shots from the top and forces Pritchard to give his back up. Trying to sneak the rear-naked choke through Pritchard's defence isn't straight forward and Reynolds changes back to the strikes as he lands strike after strike to Pritchard's head, another rear-naked attempt doesn't come off and Pritchard somehow gets back to his feet under severe pressure. Reynolds takes it back to the floor and finds himself in Pritchard's half guard, Pritchard is keeping busy and reverses the position only for Reynolds to instantly return the compliment. More big shots by Reynolds from the top and another rear-naked choke attempt but Pritchard's defence is holding firm. A great round by Jamie Reynolds.

Reynolds starts the fight on the feet and scores with some early shots, however this time Pritchard is successful with a takedown of his own and straight to side control. He looks to get to Reynolds' back but slips off and Reynolds is straight into mount position. Instantly he ties up an arm and looks for the arm triangle, that's not happening so another rear-naked choke attempt is incoming. Reynolds gives that up and starts throwing hard shots from the top as Pritchard looks to defend punches for what must have felt like an eternity. The round ends with Reynolds on Pritchard's back raining the blows down.

Two rounds down Pritchard comes out swinging looking to change the tide in the bout, Reynolds strikes first with a knee and the fight hits the floor once more. Reynolds is on Pritchard's back looking for the rear-naked once more but Pritchard's defence holds firm yet again. Back to the feet and Pritchard is eager to push the pace, he lands a couple of shots on Reynolds' face (one of which bloodies Reynolds nose) in doing so he slips and it gives Reynolds the opening to jump on his grounded opponent once more, on top he rains more heavy shots down as blood from Reynolds' nose is turning the mat red at a rapid rate. He transitions to Pritchard's back looking for the submission he so desperately wants but Pritchard wriggles free, with ten seconds left he decides it's all or nothing and looks to jump over Reynolds' guard to land a KO shot but in doing so eats an upkick right on the bell.

A superb performance from Jamie Reynolds will see him face Sam Gilbert for the vacant Staydown FC Featherweight title in 2013.

Winner: Jamie Reynolds via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) Round 3, 5:00

Chris Astley vs. Chris Day

Day immediately drives Astley against the fence from the start; Astley reverses the position and takes Day to the floor but only for a moment as Day works his way back to his feet. Astley stays persistent and looks for the single leg but to no avail, Day reverses the position and tosses Astley across the mat. Both men scramble to their feet but Day drives through and scores a big takedown, Day sits in Astley's guard grinding away landing shots but Astley times the attacks well and makes his way back up to his feet, now Astley looks for the takedown but he's met with Chris Day's right knee followed with a stiff right that backs him up. The round is coming to a conclusion and right on the bell Day dumps Astley back on the mat.

Day starts the second with an overhand right and clinches with Astley against the cage where he takes the fight to the mat. Day is now in Astley's guard and Astley is looking to lock an arm up, whilst he is concentrating on that Day is landing numerous elbows to the mid-section which cause Astley to forget about the arm he was looking to tie up. Day is posturing up landing more ground and pound when Astley looks to secure an armbar; once again Day frees himself and lands a huge punch and plenty of hammerfists to his grounded opponent. Day moves to half guard but in doing that Astley finds the room to get back to his feet but in doing so eats another knee to the face. Astley ties Day up and looks for a takedown against the cage, Day defends well and the men separate, Astley is beginning to telegraph his shots and Day is reading them well, slipping them and countering with his own as the round draws to a close.

Astley comes right out and lands a big right hand at the start of the third and follows it with a knee to the mid-section of Day. Day doesn't back down and he fires back and takes the fight to the cage, picks Astley up and slams him to the mat below. Astley gets back to his feet and he's swinging to end this fight knowing he's probably two rounds down; Day drives Astley to the cage once more and Astley tries to slip a guillotine on but Day separates and the pair just stand and bang, both connect and Astley lands a flying knee, Day clinches and smashes a knee of his own into Astley. It's insane at the end of this one as both men are throwing everything at one another. Unfortunately the bell ends this one as both are laying it all on the line..... WHAT A FIGHT!!

Congratulations to both guys for putting on a Fight of the Night performance.

Winner: Chris Day via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) Round 3, 5:00

Korey Rowett vs. Liam Sweeny

These guys clearly aren't getting paid by the hour as they meet in the middle and look to take one another's heads off from the start! They can't keep this up and Rowett takes Sweeny to the mat, before he can get anything going Sweeny gets back to his feet and all hell is let loose again as he throws punches, kicks and even a spinning backfist that has Rowett backing up. As Sweeny advances Rowett ducks underneath a right hand and takes the fight to the floor once again. Sweeny like the first time gets straight back to his feet and starts looking to land, this time Rowett has answers and fires straight back and the fans are going mad for this one! Sweeny fires in a left hook and Rowett takes it to the floor after that one and he's straight into mount, with 10 seconds left Rowett is letting Sweeny have everything from the top and it's a good job the bell sounds when it does as that was close to being stopped.

Rowett goes straight to the clinch and trips Sweeny and the fight hits the floor. Rowett fires off a few shots but Sweeny ties him up and Howard Hughes stands the two men up. Sweeny is using the jab to good effect whilst Rowett is continually looking to take Sweeny's head off his shoulders. Sweeny's gameplan is working so far as he's controlling the cage well but he's dropping his hands all too frequently. Right on cue Rowett fires in a massive right hook that floors Sweeny, he pounces on his grounded opponent and after one or two more shots Howard Hughes waves the bout off.

Winner: Korey Rowett via TKO (Punches) Round Two, 3:30

Tomasz Kuchna vs. Brad Crossfield

Kuchna starts the bout using the jab and keeping Crossfield at bay; however Crossfield rapidly closes the distance and gets the clinch against the cage where he gets a big takedown. Kuchna holds on to the neck and is looking for a guillotine, Crossfield shrugs it off and is in Kuchna's guard, he starts to open up and unload when Kuchna attempts an armbar, Crossfield negates that but Kuchna is looking for a triangle now, Crossfield uses it to pass to side control but Kuchna reverses and has Crossfield against the cage. Crossfield uses the cage to wall walk his way up to his feet, Kuchna puts Crossfield back on the mat but Crossfield has a guillotine attempt of his own in this time, Kuchna negotiates his way out of that one only for Crossfield to slap another one on. He turns it into a mounted guillotine and Kuchna looks in a world of trouble, just before the round ends Kuchna pops his head out and lets Crossfield have a right hand for his efforts.

Both men are quick the centre at the start of the second and Kuchna greets Crossfield with a stiff left, Crossfield fires straight back with a right hook, both are swinging and Crossfield takes it to the mat. Landing shots on the mat once again Crossfield almost gets caught in a triangle that he turns out of and defends well only for Kuchna to slap on an armbar. It looks pretty tight and after several tense seconds he escapes that as well. Crossfield is on top now and he's locking up a D'arce choke as the bell sounds.

A left leg kick from Kuchna followed by a straight right from Crossfield starts the third, both stand and exchange strikes until Crossfield drives through Kuchna and puts him on the mat. Kuchna is quick to lock in the triangle and it looks as if this one will end it. I have no idea how he got out of it but somehow Crossfield gritted his teeth and found an escape from the seemingly impossible. He's out and on top and landing shots to Kuchna's body. Both men are tired and the action is slowing up, Crossfield maintains his top position and is throwing knees to Kuchna's ribs as the bell sounds. A great start to the evening.

Winner: Brad Crossfield via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27) Round 3, 5:00

Charity Fight: Alex Lindsay vs. Michael "Alvin" Porter

These two men who have at best "limited" MMA training agreed to square off for their respective charities in a bid to raise some money for two very worthy causes. Lindsay was fighting in memory of a close friend that recently passed away and to raise money for the Air Ambulance. Porter was fighting in the name of Cancer Research, a charity that is very close to his heart.

The two men were to compete against one another in two, two minute rounds of action. I'm not too sure how to describe the action as some of the moves I've never seen before! Lindsay was the winner of the bout thanks to a second round choke. The real winners were the charities that benefitted from these two men getting in the cage and putting it all on the line against one another.

All in all Staydown FC VII delivered on so many fronts. I've been to numerous shows this year and I can't think of too many that would better that. Congratulations to all of the fighters who came to demonstrate their skills and to put on a show for the crowd. Congratulations also to the Staydown team for putting together such a strong show. Roll on Staydown FC VIII.

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